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Speed Mad Men Racing 6 He must suffer the consequences of his own act. His own act? That’s what we don’t understand, senor. Then his dishonesty must grieve you. I’m sorry. He’s never done a dishonest thing in his life. There’s no one in this town who would doubt his goodness. Perhaps, until now. He’s stolen many valuable things. Even my son’s watch, though he pretended affection for him. Father! José would never steal my watch. Go to your room. Maria, where is José? He’s in prison, my child. They say he stole from this house. Who says so? Whoever says so is a liar. Go to your room. He’s right. He speaks the truth. Do as I say, Nicholas! I’m sorry, but I don’t wish to discuss the matter any further. Senor, even if you believe he has done it, can’t you find it in your heart to forgive him? It would be an act of charity, senor. By the laws of any country a thief goes to jail. Who am I to interfere? We were foolish to come here. You’re hard and cruel. Your eyes don’t see the tears of others, and your heart doesn’t feel. The little boy knows who’s good and who’s bad because he sees and feels. He understands already what kind of man you are. I must ask you to excuse me, They’re taking him to the court tomorrow. You in your high position, senior. Couldn’t you perhaps Game ? Senor. Where have you been? I senor? In the town. Did you take the car? It was necessary. Magdalena required some things for the house. And why are you so late? I have some friends there, I stayed with them for a little. I hope I haven’t inconvenienced you. Magdalena was here. You’ve been drinking? Senor? Have you been drinking? Well, I’m only human, senor. The affair of the gardener has troubled me very much. I ask your pardon. Very well. If you’ll excuse me Game One moment, listen: It will be necessary for you to go to Barcelona tomorrow. They’re taking the gardener to the court. You’ll be required as a witness. I, senor? Yes, you’ll come with me. One other thing. You’ll need your references and identity papers. That’s all. What are you doing, Nicholas? Nothing. I have to go to Barcelona.