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Giggling Ok, Let’s go! Any instructions for me boss? Yeah, Try not to be yourself undercontrol! you’ve nothing undercontrol! If you were late by a min,we’d have broght Lee Chan in pieces! We’d have been embarrassedbefore our friends , of our Pakistanis havebeen slain in this war Our culture, tradions, our religion,everything is at stakes With all due respect, these bad guys,why are they so successful? Because they focus alltheir energies on one target They don’t have to deal with thepaperwork and bureaucracy! They just plan and prep!and execute That’s It!Thank You, Ehtasham! I’ve called you at this time because we’re facing an imminent threat! Abbas, Could you please brief the council! As you know, our special team hascarried out a successful operation During this operation,terroristshave been killed Miss Javeria, The team also killed this man!Sanjay Bhardwaj A first contact, low level, RAW Operative! Sanjay ran a rice export business as a front!From Middle East, Europe and Central Asia Eversince his disappearance,he was nowhere to be found game Untill now.Our sources tell us that huge amount of moneyis backing these operations Which means, we being outfunded by these organizations Uhh, but never outgunned! Sir! Chatter from cross border and our sources indicatethat a high level independant contractor has been hired game To carry out one of the biggest terrorist attackin the history of Pakistan. If our info is correct, this attack would makeMarriot Bombing look like picnic!! We also believe that this independent contractormay try to cross the border in day or two We’ve also prepared a shortlist of potentials game This man, Habib Afghani AKA Abu HamzaAKA Ramal A SerialKillerTurned Terrorist for hire Expert in Weapons & Strategy,Handtohand Combat He’s known to get in&out ofany country he wants game Basically, A firstclassSuperOperativeWell, with the number of people crossing the border its like looking for a needle in a haystack. Its probably of no use now, because operative like that wants to enter a country He is coming game Sir,