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Speed Mario Trolley You must be Genevieve de Malveneur? Are you afraid of me? Well, then say hello. I’m going to live in the chateau. What is that? Can I see? A hedgehog! How cute! What’s it called? Theodore. It suits him. It’s a name as prickly as its owner. Shall we be friends? You and I and Theodore? Yes. Thank you, Genevieve. Thank you, Theodore. And now, let’s see your mummy. They’ve dredged the marshes, searched the area, to no avail. Where are they? Are they alive? It’s a very painful mystery for me. I can imagine, Madame. I couldn’t wait to get you here, to entrust this child to you. I had only the strength to give her life. But you will give her that of living. But we’re already friends. She’s rather wild. She’s very endearing. I’m sure. But we must teach herto laugh. Darling, go and tell Edouard to come. And leave Theodore in the kitchen. My sisterinlaw. Let me introduce Miss Valory to whom I’ll entrust Genevieve. Good morning, Miss. Good morning, Madame. No! Miss! I’m not married, thank God. It allows me to take care of our land. I am bound to Malveneur by a bond as solid as that of marriage. Any news? Nothing. We weren’t expecting you today. At the insistence of Dr. Andrieu I took the fiirst train. That’s Edouard. He won’t set the world on fire, but he’ll do. Certainly. Take the lady’s cases up to her room. And then fetch some hot water. You came on foot from the station with all that luggage? Not really. I had a buggy ride up to Les Loups. Really? With a local? With a gentleman not from the region. Mr. Laportelle, I think. He’s not one of us. Besides we never see anyone at Malveneur. You must get used to this life of a recluse. Not everyone does. You weren’t born on this land, my dear Estelle. What do you want? Me, to the sound of a polished shoe sliding on a waxed floor, I prefer that of my boots squelching on the bog. I need roots. I’ll leave you with Miss Valory. I’ll lie down for a moment. Till later. Come, Miss. That’s for my brother’s young man. He’s already given himself over, to experiments on bacteriophages.