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Oh, Jimmy Harris, your old cellmate? Yeah, he’s a game Hang on. How game Go on. Well game I got them off him. And where did he get them? I don’t know. I got no game ing idea. I mean, what does it matter? game ! “What does it matter?” game ! Did you really just game ing say that? game . Look at them. No. Alright. Look at them. Look at them! I count six, six girls! Six girls that you did game knows what to?! What did you do to them? Nothing. I swear to God, it wasn’t me. We shouldn’t be watching this. Bullshit, man. This is game ing mad. It’s wrong. They should turn it off. Look, mate, if you don’t want to watch it, then game off home. Yeah, game off, mate. Why did you let him walk all over you? Maybe we should go. John Doe and Adam McCleish was the most watched podcast, broadcast, whatever you want to call it, in the history of the world. Within minutes of it finishing, it was copied and plastered all over the Internet. It has been downloaded and watched millions, maybe even billions, of times. game you! game you. You can’t prove anything. If you kill me, you’re just a game ing murderer. Really? Yeah, game ing really. So you think you know who I am? Man, you’re a broken record. game . game . game . game ! game . Open your game ing eyes! Look at them! Look at them! Look what you destroyed. There’s Chloe. Well, yyou know Chloe, right? You get that? You look at them! And that there, that game that’s Mary. Hi, honey. She was a nurse. Yeah, she used to care for people who couldn’t look after themselves. Oh, you know who that is, right? Look at them. Look, Adam. This is a couple of weeks before you walked into our lives. Look how happy we are, man. You see that? You see how happy we are? I thought he would just kill him, right then. You know, bang, just bullet in the head. I had no idea what was coming next. But then, with John Doe, we never really did. Do any of these belong to my daughter? No. Don’t lie to me. I promise. I s game I swear, nnone of them are hers. You have five minutes game five minutes