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but I never thought, I love singing, I’ll be a singer. I just thought, I’m lucky there is something I can always do, if I want to. I’m so lucky like that. But I didn’t think it would be a career choice. And me Moon River and me What’s the date? Today? th. Is it? Yeah. The what? th. Of what? January. And, um, what day is it? Saturday. And what year is it? Lunchtime. MAN: I was a -year-old office junior for a promotions company owned by Simon Fuller. I just started to try and kind of blag it myself as a talent scout. I was definitely out of my depth. AMY: My friend Tyler is a singer. He was with Nicky Shymansky and Tyler said, My friend Amy sings jazz and she’s great. Nicky said to me, Want some studio time? I said, For what? And he was like, Well, if you’d write songs, we’d make a record, get a record deal. I was, like, What do you get out of it? Hello. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS TUNING UP I look ugly. Yeah, look at you. You look lovely. I don’t. My chin’s massive. LAUGHING Worried about your chin? That’s there forever. There is no greater thrill Than what you bring to me No sweeter song Than what you sing Sing to me Decide to record it? Yeah. Hello. I’m just here game smoking a fag. I just like to game Oh, I look so grim. I look like a floating head. You know, I’ve got no hair. I’m just on a black screen. There’s my hand. What’s going on? NICK: We’d recorded quite a few demo recordings, and I started to talk about whether she’d ever consider writing. She said she’s not sure about writing songs, but she’s written a lot of poems. And he’s my life She knew full well she’d been writing songs, but they were very personal songs. FUNKY JAZZY MUSIC AMY SINGING AMY: I wouldn’t write anything unless it was directly personal to me, just ’cause I wouldn’t be able to tell the story right because I wouldn’t have done it. Even though some of it is personal in a sad way, I’d never let it just be that. I’ll always put a punchline in the song. Just try and be different with my lyrics. Someone gave me a CD, two songs, and they weren’t necessarily what you’d call hit songs,