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very Soul and heart ofyou Here while the lights are low Take me and make me know Your love is mine Till the stars no longer shine Take me tonight And with one sweet caress You take me from A world ofloneliness My lips are yours to thrill So, darling, say you will Take me tonight And I’ll give all my tomorrows to you My lips are yours to thrill So, darling, say you will Take me tonight And I’ll give all my tomorrows To you Games You talking about gears? It’s a automatic, fool! Shut the up, bro! This ain’t no stick! This ain’t no stick! That’s a red light. That’s a red light. Stop touching the steering wheel! You’re about to kill us, man! Yo! This camera’s dope. But we could record our tricks on this. Yo, come on, bro, I’m trying to get to the crib. Yo, Patty! Uh.. Bro, that’s the ugliest I’ve ever seen. Aw, hell no! Yo, junior, stop playin’, man, you a hater. Yo, cisco. Seventy-five. Seventy-five bucks? Yo, take it or leave it, man. This car’s a, mint shape. You can get like a stack for the body. Engine’s full- who is this kid? The car’s old, it’s busted. You playing us, abi-kadabi? Yo, cisco, man, who am I dealin’ with? You or your crew? Come on, Hassan. Yo, take it or leave it. That’s ed up, dude. Better car Games Better pay, boys. On the real, cisco we can’t keep doin’ this for chump change. It’s better than nothin’. But he smells funny. I don’t care if he smells funny. Your job is to make the customer happy. Baby, just don’t do it on my bed. I mean, how are you gonna be happy when.. I know, I know. I know, baby. What’s up, grandma? Oh! You buy groceries? You miss daddy? Hmm. You miss daddy, hm? Really? School lunches? What’s up, pops? Hey. What’s up, boy? Mama left you some food on the stove. And the welding masks, they comin’ in next week. Mm-hmm. Oh, , not here, come on. Let’s go this way. Alright. Oh, . Oh! Hey, what’s up, girl? Three dollars, you could take her home and keep her, huh? What’s up, slick? Whaddup? You’re gonna get fired. , I wish. I hate this job. If I had young ones, i would have dang quit.