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Now turn around and walk away. Look, don’t get the wrong idea. We’re, uh, Public Land and Survey. I’m Sam. I know who you are, Sammael. Heh. It Game it’s Sam. You with the state, too? No. I’m with Game Look, if we ended up somewhere we shouldn’t be, we apologize, Mister Game ? My name’s Seth. That’s all you need to know. And let me tell you something else, Sammael. It’s Sam. I don’t know what you think you’re doing here, or what claim you think you have to this house Game We’re just mapping the valley. But if this is about eminent domain or any of that state bull Game Game It’s a geodesic survey. We don’t care about this house. Make no mistake. I’ve been swinging a hammer in it since before you were born. I’ve been working this place forever. And I’m here to stay. We don’t want any trouble. Then you best be on your way. I th Game I think you’re probably right. Wait. The people that lived here. Do you know anything about them? No, Nicky. The man who used to live here years ago. What about him? I just want to know his name. No. No you don’t. Look, this house is in my mother’s will. These people might be my family. I have the deed. I don’t care what you have. What you came looking for isn’t here. You do not know what I came looking for. Just you. Not your buddy. And no one from the state. You want to see this house you think is yours? Come on. What, do you think he’s a ing realtor? Look at him. Nick! Your old man’s not in there! HINGES SQUEAK DOORS SLAM NICK OFFSCREEN I drew this house when I was a kid. God, it had all of this in it. Every room, upstairs. Downstairs. FAINT RUMBLING DUST SHIFTING What is that? What’s in the walls? CHITTERING Rats? That’s abhorrent. NICK OFFSCREEN That’s the tree at the side of the house. They lynched people from that tree. You ever see a hanging tree, boy? Who lives here? Look around. Nobody lives here. Who used to live here? FAINT RUMBLING DUST SHIFTING What the hell is that? What’s that in the chimney? SETH OFFSCREEN The deed you have to this house is worthless, just like the house.