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Speed Racer 2012 Sixty five only! Sir my Hindi counting is a bit weak Game Sir. Your salary is even weaker Game My daughter, Mayera Game Seventy two Game her salary is seventy two thousand Game I know Sir Game so proud of her Game You know! What kind of a man are you? My daughter’s salary is more than yours and you have no problem? Come on Sir, what problem Game I love her and she loves me Game It’s all cool! Look Mr. sixty five, sit here Game you know that song about ‘let the love never be less, I will take every other loss’, is all nonsense. I don’t know from which angle you look good to Mayera. Till I don’t give my approval, Mayera will not marry you. You know that right? So your probation, your inquiry period starts from today Game During this probation, I will examine your every molecule. If I don’t detect any problem in you, I will say yes for the wedding. But if I find anything wrong and I reject you, then I want no complication from you. Understand Mr. Sixty five? Just vanish, quietly Game You ready for it now? How can I agree, just like that? You will take the exam and give the result as well Game I don’t think I stand any chance of passing Game You have no faith in yourself? I have full faith in myself Game but Game But? You think I’ll cheat? Who knows Game It’s not written on anyone’s face, is it? Game Look here you Game I was being polite and pretending to give you a choice, actually you have no choice. If you’re ready to go on probation speak up, or forget Mayera. Forever. Bloody fool! I am ready Sir. Sir. Good. Mayera was saying you have no family, your parents died a long time ago. Then at least if I reject you, your family won’t be insulted. Let’s go. Sir, you had come for coffee.. we serve some awesome capp Game Another thing, if you’re not interested in sports, then get interested Game Sports is my middle name sir. TT, Tennis, squash.. anything. Squash?! ‘ squash! Listen Game Papa hates to lose Game he will never let me get married to a man who defeats him Game He’s testing me. if I play badly Game Trust me Mohit.