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A Russian is building a casino. He pocketed billion of state money. What else? Spain” Andalusia. A prime-minister of a former Soviet republic who stole a half of his country ‘s budget. It ‘s their business. Anything else? Another skirmish in Tolyatti. Oh, no. After our island I can’t even think of going to Russia. Good afternoon. Come in. We tum it down then” Please. A ski resort in the Alps. Where ‘re you going? I have to see my father: Money stolen from Russia is laundered there. You can’t go in them. My father’s there. I said “No”.f. I know my dad’s here. And invested into real estate. Good-bye. They say mountain air. Then I saw Olshevsky, father’s friend, is good for health. Whom I once saw making love to our maid in our kitchen” So, we go them. Good afternoon, Mr Olshevsky! I’m sorry, son. The main thing is the list of the islanders I can’t give you anything. I’m Mika Polyakov. You ‘re my dad’s friend. The list is ready. We have a problem with documents. Mika? I didn’t recognize you” Your folks stayed in Sverdlovsk Your mom was ill. Stepan will help us with it. Stepan, I carry out all your orders. Maybe, they have arrived I haven ‘t seen them. See you” What about mine? It’s not about the bank account You know. Food! Sugar! You had no money when you left, and now you’re buying an island I want to settle some colonists in my paradise. He’s a gutless coward. There ‘s nothing to kill him for. Could you help me to arrange their arrival? H ere, please. Thank you. H ere, take this apple. Our drinks.. Are you sure you sent out all the invitations? You know I did’. What’s your dad’s name? Polyakov. Somebody is against our New Atlantis. What’s it again? Sorry, I can’t hear well. Has all that we’ve done been in vain? Sergey Arkadyevich Polyakov. From Leningrad. What right did I have to kill people? Polyakov? Yes. He’s here. Even they ‘re criminals. Stop torturing yourself. He came days ago and is in a drinking bout. The ones you’ve killed didn’t have the right to live I ‘ll take you to him. They were criminals! Mika!