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Speed Rally If I didn’t have your love after mummy died.. Game what would I have done? Why did you play mummy’s role too? The other IAS daddy’s spent their evenings at the club with their friends Game but you stayed home to play with me and my toys. There was no money, but I had you, I had your love. That was enough for me. Just like Mohit’s love is enough for me. What more do you need for happiness? Money! You need money Game And I’m saying this from experience. Look, I had a government job.. IAS, I had a big post but empty pockets. All my life I have been depriving you Game never gave you the pocket money.. Or clothes or toys you deserved Game You wanted to go to the U.S. for an MBA, I couldn’t even give you that. But now I’ll get you married to a rich boy who can make your every wish come true Game And you’ll refuse my biggest wish? Yes Game but Mohit is an absolute no Game Who’s asking you to blindly get married to just anyone? I have a whole file, go ahead and choose yourself, each one has at least a turn over of twenty five crores Game yes. Papa Game I’m going to marry Mohit! Fine Game then do what you want Game Whether I live, I die, I’m sad, I’m unhappy, what do you care Game Mohit ya Game papa is not ready to listen at all Game he’s being so stubborn! Fourteenth floor please Game Do you know Mohit Chaddha? From marketing? How is his character? Mohit sir, he’s always stuck to one madam.. Always stuck to madam? She comes here too Game no scoop, no scandal. But why are you enquiring about him? Survey Family planning! Mohit Chaddha. I was passing by your office Game had some work Game let’s have a cup of coffee? Who the hell are you? I’m Sehgal Game Sehgal, who? Sehgal from Income Tax Game I’ve come to file a case on you Game Sir but I have filed all my tax returns Game I’m Mayera’s father Sehgal, you bloody Game I’m calling from your office reception. So sorry Sir Game I couldn’t recognize your voice, because I was talking to you for the first time on the phone Game Sir, you had some work here? What’s your salary? Sir Sixty five thousand.