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How old are you? Fourteen. You can do the job. Good evening. Where are you? I’m on the spot. Fourteen . Mika, be careful. You know, Rymbayev, put him and other suspicious guys into our car and send them to the juvenile penitentiary. Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, Don’t forget the covering documents economic and trade relationship between our countries.. Kikes don’ t smoke pot, do they? What? What’s wrong with you, sir? Are you all right? I think he doesn’t get it. Crawl up h era. We ‘re gonna screw you, taking turns. [Help] You heard my question: Do kikes smoke pot? I don’t know I have a feeling the bastard doesn’t want to talk to us. Why not cut the er’s balls off? What’s the air and water temperature in winter? Come on, kike, take your pants off? degrees, the water is Z. But in November the air is and the water is . Or we ‘U geld you. No need ta He ‘ll shit blood for a week anyway. You should come here in August. Iris’ paradise. Let’s see your paradise then! And the climate here is stable. Move aside, kid’. There in the guy we ‘re building a pier for deep-draught motor boats. I sea. And on your right.. A desalination plant with a small power station” What’s the name of that island? After I killed the two guys in the police car. It doesn’t have a name. You can give it any name you like I was taken to a juvenile penitentiary in Kaskelen, Mika ‘S Island high up in the mountains Several years of my life. F or instance, give it your name: Mika ‘s Island I spent there, behind barbed wire. What do you think? I ‘ll take it! Misha, are you ill? I like this island. I have to go to Alma-Am. Why . You said you had another good offer. My dad’s in Alma-Am. How do you know? Or did you ?! I did I don’t think we ‘ll find something better: I can see he’s them. Don’t tell anyone, all right? Though there are so many great places .. Let’s take this one. All right. Let it be Greece. Homer may have sat on this very rock watching the sunset. Homer was blind Alfred. We’ve got more orders. Tell ma. Right Las Vegas.