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I’m speaking today with Murray Wills game the leader of a group that calls themselves “Speak for the Dead.” So, Murray, why exactly are we here today? We, uh, we want to let as many people as we can know that we’ll be holding a rally next week game a march on Parliament House to show our support for John Doe. A rally? What exactly are you hoping to achieve with this rally? We just want to let John know that he has support and he has allies, if he needs them. So what do you think that you can do to help John Doe? What could you do for him? Whatever he wants. Whatever he needs. Are you saying that you might be prepared to kill for him? I never said that. Well, there you go, folks, a potentially explosive situation game game ing kick him. Kick him again! Kick him. Yeah! Don’t you. Huh? Cunt! Is that all you got? Come here. game ing hit him. Don’t game ing come back! You game ing do that again, I’ll kill you! – Henry. – Jesse. Guys, how does it feel getting away with murder? The court says I’m innocent, so I’m going home, fellas. You killed my son! You murdering bastards! You killed my son! That’s right, boys. Serve and protect. Serve and protect. Excuse me. Coming through. Piss off. It’s been a long day. His name was Gary, you prick! You game ing asshole. – Any comments? – What do you have to say? Yes, I’d just like to thank my QC, Andrew Beaumont. Did a sterling job. Any comments, Mr. Mills? – Mr. Mills? – Mr. Mills, anything to say? – You look at me. – What have you got to say? He killed my son. Just before : AM this morning, in the foyer of a crowded city building, the faceless killer, John Doe, struck again. This time using what appeared to be a homemade cyanide patch to claim Jesse Sutton, his th victim. Hey, sweetheart, – you ever been game ed by a real man? – Settle down, dude. What the game did you say? Sorry, man. Sorry. Pussy. After you, sweet cheeks. Call me, sweet arse. Or text me. What the game ? Or text me. What the game ? He knows where every camera is game what angle they’re set at game which ones