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Speed Trial Rider Shing. That your wife for the rest of her life my guards should please. Dying for a king whose time is already over game or choose to submit a new one. Leave us alone. Everybody out. You know this knife yet, Father? Your mother has ever saved my life it. When I was old enough, they gave it to me. And said I would be king. But you are not the child, she loved. Where is the seal? Where is the seal? Heaven, forgive him. Heaven is close, for all things that I have done for you. The king is dead. Kill. By Prince Qiang. He stole the royal seal. Find it for me. Follow me. Do you like men in check. Call General Gao. Now. Or should I back to your family? Horse. Stop them. Forward. Maybe we should just go ahead. How far will we get? We have no horse. We need help. Stay here. Lian, I must go. Father has chosen you, because he knows that you’re strong. Whatever happens, keep going. Reach the generals. You’ll be king. Be careful. Here. No money, no food. When you walked in, I thought you were the white spirit. I was apparently wrong. Is that the princess? I’m looking for an escort for the road. I can pay. What have dead money? The black guard sitting behind you. Look who I found who was listening from outside. I’m sorry, I did not see them. My father will hear about this. So death now has ears. No, my father is not dead. It’s not true. That you know. Because you killed him. Or was it you, princess? Shing. The seal, which is it? May I? Take them. No, stop it. Give it back. The seal is mine. Cut their throats by. The sword is mine. It belongs to me. I want it back. Come then. Take it. Opium. You kind are fools. Fresh him. Kill him. Lian. Qiang. Anyway, the boy dies. Kill him then, I just want my sword back. If I give it, will you go away? You must help us. Good luck, Princess. Guard. Thanks. Wait, Qiang, bowl. Help us, we need to Shing Yuing. If you want a reward, we have gold. My brother is the only hope for the kingdom. If you do not help, we are slain. That will certainly happen if you stay here. Do what is needed, but there are riders on the move.