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The day l met you, l’m in troubles. No Subbu Games Go away! ls there anyone here by chance? How did l reach home last night? A girl brought you home. She was awake all the night, left just now. Didn’t get hurt, right? No. Why? For beating you last night. You haven’t taken it to your heart, right? To feel l wasn’t beaten by someone else, right? Then thanks. Why thanks? For taking me to home and keeping watch on me all the night. Mustn’t thank for being a responsible friend. Correct but Games What? Don’t you want my friendship? l like Games Why are then hesitating to shake hands? l’ll give a party to celebrate our friendship. First shake hands, then let’s think about party. l think you’ll not leave till l shake hands. Promise not to feel bad later. l wouldn’t feel bad even if you hadn’t said sorry. But l’ll feel if you don’t shake hands. What happened? Fell into dirt just now. They’ve moved many paces up in friendship. Let’s do something and unite them. Subbu will come to the shopping as per Balaraju’s information. Ensure your sister too reaches there using her friend’s help. Your sister must get into the lift in second floor, Balaraju will call Subbu from third floor to fifth floor., as soon as lift reaches third floor, switch off the lift lights, as soon as Subbu enters and door closes, lights must be switched on, both of them see each other and get shocked, they’re in dilemma to speak or not to speak, here comes the turning point, lift must stop suddenly, it must take at least an hour to open the door, they’ll talk to each other without knowing what had happened, as soon as they talk, lift must start and hit the ground floor suddenly. as the lift reaches ground floor, they’ll be in each other’s arms. in the one hour we give them, chemistry between them starts working, you needn’t get surprized if they go to Arya Samaj from there. Brother! Sister is there! Who is inside then? Fragrance is good, what’s the scent? Do you love anyone? Why do you want to know my personal matters? You appear to have not yet fallen in love with anyone.