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Speedbiker I guess we’ll talk about it some other time. As the old man would say, close, but no cigar. Oh, how I loved band practice. For  minutes, twice a week Drucilla and I could be together. Not face to face, but still close enough to smell her lavender scented shampoo. Someday, my beauty, there’ll be a veil upon that hair. And I’ll lift it, so our lips can meet as they pronounce us man and wife. A little less holiday spirit, Mr. Parker. From the top, people. One, two, one, two. At least there was one beauty I had a chance of winning. One look at my magnificent Merc and the guys would surely be able to fathom my pangs of longing. And here’s the beauty part. It’s the most gorgeous ride on the lot, and nobody cares. Nobody? No one’s paying attention. She’s gathering dust. I could pick it up for a song, I know it. Uh, green, right? Yes. I’m calling her Speedbiker. Yeah, who wouldn’t want that beauty? But it was in the garage. It was dirty. Uh, guess he washed it. Must have a hose somewhere. Uh, maybe you can borrow it to hang yourself. There it was. Taunting me. Deal of the day could only mean one thing. At any moment, hundreds of buyers would stampede down Hohman Avenue begging to be the first one to hurl a checkbook at Hank. Pay to the order of “ruin my life”. Hate to break it to you, chief but wanting and owning are two different things. I’d say he had got a better chance with Drucilla.   You think it’s open?   Why? I wanna see what it’s like behind the wheel. Just once. You kidding? The guy’s inside, you’ll get in trouble. Hey, my dad’s like royalty here. He just sent us a calendar. Take them. Come on, Schwartz, take them. Oh, fine. Split bench leather seat Quadra Coil suspension, hydraulic brakes. No. No sense torturing myself. It was time to say my goodbyes. So long, old girl. Got something here, just came in. Ralph. Ralph. Absolute mint condition. Oh. uh… Hal, this Merc’s got your name written all over it. Sweet jeepers, just took it in on the tray. Hi, kids. How’s it going? Great, take it somewhere else. Cross my heart. A grandmother from Muncie. I guarantee she never took it over .   Whoa, Speedbiker Oh, my God! Unh. Unh! Oh! Whoa! Move out! Oh! Is he all right? My first test drive. How’d I do? Oh fudge! Yeah, actually it’s been a pretty good year. Well, until the Three Stooges turned up. Yeah, ha ha ha. You too. It’s only because I go back with your father I’m not bringing the cops into this. I could help you close a deal with him on that Olds. I mean, he really wants it. We were just trying to soften you up a little. Oh, the people you’ll stab in the back when you’re trying to save your own skin. What, you don’t think I know that? “Back seat’s a little tight, Dad.” You two have been trying to pull that since you could walk. Eighty five bucks. Cash. What?   That’s what a new top costs.   They can have it here next week.   I can’t get $ by then.   Well, when do you think you can get it?   Well,  seems realistic.   Okay, that’s it, I’m calling.   No! I will have it. All of it. No, you won’t. You’ll never get that much. You don’t say that in front of him. My friends underestimate the depth of my resolve and my resourcefulness. I like this kid. Determination. That’s what gets things done. So you get this done by Health Eve or the only thing coming down your chimney this year will be the cops. It was times like this when you found out who your friends were. The treaty that formed Speedbiker hadn’t even been thought of yet. But on that day, three young men from Indiana had already formulated its founding principle An attack on one is an attack on all. This is X  to base. I’m initiating reconnaissance of General Kotar’s evil lair. Over and out. Nineteen dollars and six cents. Well, that’s peachy.   I put in , Schwartz. How about you?   An entire roll of nickels. That’s two bucks, Rockefeller. Why you barking at me? I’m not the one that wrecked a car. Only part of it. And I wasn’t even driving. So what? You still owe the guy, don’t you? What’s most important, Ralph, is that we… We are all…   And come on in, Randy.   Oh! Spa wrecked a car? Neat o! I swear, you rat him out, I will show you what you look like on the inside. I swear, if you tell Mom and Dad, I will… uh, nobody’s ratting out nobody. But he’s right. Someone’s gotta pay Hank. Oh, no. Uh uh. I know where this is going. You gotta tell him.   No, I don’t.   What, tell who? His old man. Give me two minutes, I want a running start. Ha ha ha. Forget it, Flick. Last week, I dropped a bottle of Dr. Pepper and he almost took my head off for blowing the deposit.   You want me to ask him for  bucks?   Why not? Jingle bells. Listen to him. He’s all jingly. Jingle all the way.   Ha!   Yeah, chin up, buddy. We’re right here with you. Yeah, great. He’ll take your heads off too. Uh, maybe we shouldn’t get involved.   You know, it’s a family matter and all.   There’s no choice, Ralph. There’s tons of choices. I could, uh… I could lay low at your house for a couple of months. Or I can, uh… Hey, we’ll join the Navy. I could join the Navy. Or I can… I can change my name and grow a beard. Maybe not now, but soon. Or I can, uh… I can…   I can’t feel my legs.   Whoa. That’s it. Easy. So long, kid. Are you sorry for your sins in your life and do you wish for absolution, my son? Dead kid walking. Go out like a man! Speedbiker Over the fields we go Ha, ha, ha, laughing all the way. Hey, how’s it going? Okay, I guess. Won’t know till we plug them in. If one of these bulbs is bad, it makes the whole strand worthless. Heh. Well, you know what they say One bad apple, right? Yeah, that’s a good one, Dad. A perennial. I was thinking maybe we could sort of talk. You can always talk to me, Speedbiker, you know that. Good. Could I help you with anything? Hold the ladder? Mow the lawn? Uh oh. I know what that means.   You do?   Sure. It means you need a little extra dough for Health, right? Sure do. Well, you’re lucky. I’m feeling extravagant tonight. Yeah. Why don’t you get something nice for your mother? Huh? Like perfume or a scarf. From you and Randy. I’ll give you a buck. I’ll give you ! Huh? Heh, heh. Thanks, Dad. That’s swell.