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The hell it is. lt’s futuristic. Read the other one. “Gypsy, what you rouse in me lingers still like a kiss “and your traitorous smile.” Uh, yes, it has a certain, uh game l like it. lt’s good. lt’s too bad that it’s so short. That’s what’s nice about it. What are you doing? Two of us have read them. That’s already too many. And you just throw them away like that? Why don’t those pigs let me pass? Bastards! l saw you. l want to pass. Come on! What did he say? Go ahead. Pass them. Now, come on. They’re letting us through. Go ahead. Are they friends ofyours? They look like murderers. No, no, they’re not friends of mine. l know that whenever they go out like that, there’s trouble in the making. They revolt me. l don’t want to see. l don’t want to see anymore. l’m blind! Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. Come on, now. Try not to go blind. Not on a curve. l don’t want to see. l don’t want to see. l’m blind! l’m blind! No. Blind! No. “Gives “youth “to mankind.” Pietro, read aloud what you’ve written there. “Communism gives youth to mankind.” And now Olmo will explain what that means. Well, um game What does it mean? lt means game Schoolmistress? Comrade. Comrade schoolmistress, l am close to , and being a communist, l find l still do for a woman more than youngsters do. You big bull, we don’t come here to be braggarts. We come here to learn. School’s overfor today. Go on, we’ll keep an eye on the community house. Don’t worry. And we studied this whole bottle. Well, shall we go? Huh? What a rotten day. l went into town with Alfredo. Look game l had no fun at all. Drawn nicely, isn’t it? We walked around. Drank a little bit. You know game You know how it is in the city. l know. l know. You know. What a class. The youngest must be at least . The youngsters are dancing at the Risotti barn, that’s why. You’re wasting your time. Giving lessons to four old men, what good does it do? l wanted to dance, too, but l had to wait for you! No? Dancing with that belly? Anita. Anita. Anita. No! Anita! l feel better now. Yeah, l feel better, too.