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Mrs. Hong! You’re here. Sit down. Okay. Where’s your granddaughter? She’s studying, so be quiet. You didn’t budge for months, but you’ll do anything for her. Be quiet and just hand it over. Stamp your name here. I’ll transfer you the money first thing tomorrow morning. You sealed the deal! How wonderful! Much better! How am I supposed to draw that? Get every wrinkle exactly right. What do you need to draw? Niobe, of course. You delinquent. What you need to draw is the light. Look over there. Now, look at that. If you want to be a good artist, don’t focus on the shadows. Focus on the light. Hye-ji! Want to see something cool? Isn’t it nice? Why are you doing this? I just feel a connection. And… You’re pretty. This is making me sleepy. Don’t you have any other song? Sorry about that. Do you want to make a call? Hello? Min-hee. Hye-ji? Hello? Who is this? Hye-ji, it’s me. You can’t just disappear like that. Put Min-hee on the phone. Min-hee is kind of busy. Be quiet! What are you doing? It’s not what you think.