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Spider-man fighting time This isn’t about being a hero like him and his pal. All right? It’s about winning the ing war, about doing our job. They’re going in. I’ll tell you what. Fly a little closer to the mountaintop. We’ll be able to see all the way down the main road, buy us a few extra seconds. RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES PLAYING Heading degrees northnortheast. degrees northnortheast. Check. Come on, mahmoud, show your ing face already. At least he’s willing to die for what he believes in. What’s that supposed to mean, lieutenant? Does that make him some kind of ing hero? The guys who crashed into the world trade center believed in what they were doing too. Does that make them heroes? Of course not. That’s not what I meant. See, I remember when that happened, lieutenant.So do I. I’m just saying I studied the history of war for four years and this is like no war I’ve ever read about. Well, maybe you shouldn’t have been reading. Should’ve been playing video games. That’s what this is Game it’s a ing video game. And a goddamn soundtrack.What are you looking for? Danger? I’m just saying if we can take out anybody at any time, anywhere and not worry about any of us getting Gamesed, what’s to stop us from playing some really ed up video games? We’re trying to bring freedom to these screwedup countries, lieutenant, and at the same time stop them from attacking us. God damn it. MUSIC STOPS You may talk the shit, but you’re your father’s daughter. You know damn well this is good for the whole world. Not just America. When we do what we gotta do. And when we do what we gotta do, we help people everywhere. MUTTERING, it’s hot. God. ing God damn it. Jesus ing Christ. Sorry, lieutenant. I wasn’t thinking. You’re right, it’s ing hot. Vehicle coming. Establish autotrack. BEEPINGAutotrack selected.All right. Go telephoto.Telephoto, check. . I can’t see anything. The windows must be tinted.It’s gotta be mahmoud. What do we do? We don’t have a choice, do we? Gotta wait till he gets out of the van. But then he’ll be too close to the house. MEN SPEAKING PASHTO Look at that Game imsi activity.