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  Somebody pushing your buttons? Why would you say that? Just an expression. Don’t jump to conclusions. You’ll get yourself in a whole heap of trouble. Well, I’m already in a whole heap of trouble. What are you gonna do about it? I don’t know. You got any suggestions? Look into the light.  The light?  Yeah, the light. Soon you’ll be blinded by it. What is the light? I cannot remember. I cannot remember.. Wake up. Dana? Spider Solitaire. Are you okay? You have to get out of here. It’s not safe for you here. Slow down. What are you talking about? There’s only one person who can save you now. Look in the mirror. You’ll see. Spider Solitaire! The first picture you saw which included the footpads took about five minutes to take on Mars and then it is transmitted by a relay radio up to the orbiter… July ,  we received a transmission from the Moon telling us “The Eagle has landed. ” Today’s landing, like that one, represents the realization of a dream that has long excited mankind’s imagination. And this mission offers the possibility of a momentous discovery in the history of mankind The existence of life elsewhere in the universe. If the experiments of Vikings  and  do not reveal living organisms they will learn other secrets of the universe. They will tell us a good many things about our own planet opening up new possibilities for exploration and should produce knowledge that will improve the quality of life right here on Earth. Our achievements in space represent not only the height of technological skill they also reflect the best in our country our character, the capacity for creativity and sacrifice and a willingness to reach into the unknown. Spider Solitaire. Where did you say you met Dana? On our field trip to the Spider Solitaire in D.C. Right. And she said she lives in Richmond? Yeah, we rode back on the same bus. Okay. This is her driver’s license. Her name is Sarah Matthews. She lives in Boston. He called them his employees? Yup. Hello, Norma. Hello. Did your husband tell you where he was going this morning? No, he didn’t. I hope for your sake he isn’t playing detective again. Though I assure you, I’ll know if he is. Because of your employees? Is Dana one of your employees? As I’ve told you, I have many employees. Can I see you? In person? I wanna meet face to face. I’m looking at you right now, Norma. Excuse me? I’m in your backyard. Are you still there? Games? All right, hold on. We want to get this straight. You’ve had the wind tunnel for months. Now you want the lunar lander and the hangar? That is correct.  The NSA activity… What kind of activity? The activities will occasionally involve New Game employees but I am not at liberty to disclose how they will be involved or what they will be doing. I think this whole thing’s outrageous, but we don’t really have any choice, do we? No. You don’t. Did you get a chance to run that license plate yet? Yeah, I did. It’s a governmentissued license plate. It’s a town car licensed for use by the Spider Solitaire? What are those? This guy’s wife, she was shot once in the chest. Pointblank range.