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Are you afraid? Afraid? No, I am just excited. Mr. principal, the parachute. Mr. principal, the airplane is ready. Excuse me, is flight from the Rome on time? Yes, on :. Thank you. Games Pleasure. I am in your hands. You already told me that. Yes, but not the rest of it. I like it that way. My hands cannot do much. We are both in somebody else’s. Which hands? In the hands of wind streams. It is important that we are in the same hands. Look down. Games What do you see? I see Game couples in love. There are none. There are everywhere. Even here in the sky. Wait, we are not in the sky yet. We are starting just now. We call this the hell. O, and where are the devils? Here they are. Do you hear the voices? Please. O, thank you. I am glad you are taking care of me. I am taking care of the lucky winner, it is my duty. Sonja, please don’t be so official. I feel quite strange. Trust me, like in the sky. Allow me to take you back to earth. Washing powder. Washing powder. Where is the Belgrade? I don’t know. I was flying according to instruments. Uh, I have to wait for a flight from Rome at :. I am sorry, I am sorry she will be left waiting. She? “She” is Mirko, the JAT pilot who is bringing an important message. I am sorry. O, we are losing the altitude. We have to make an emergency landing. Emergency landing? Games Yes. Mr. principal, telephone. An emergency landing. Hello, is that Mr. principal? All right, ee, here is me, somebody talking. I was told to tell you about an airplane, yes, yes, the red one. It has landed in one piece into village Lešnik. A? To tell what? OK, you are coming immediately. To wait. OK. Goodbye. Hello. Excuse me, are you Mr. Mirko? Yes, I am. Mr. Bora from the Jugochic could not come. So he asked if you could give me the Mr. director’s letter. Yes, all right. Here you are. Thank you, you did a big favor to the company. Games Don’t mention it. Go on Marko, what are you waiting for, you see that the envelope is open. Well Game Go on, you take it.