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So I’d imagine all the silly things we’d do together: go to the movies, play soccer, flirt with girls. Things were different for me. I thought you and Mom were a lot luckier than I was. Why did you stay there after he died? My uncle came to get me. He took me in. He wanted me to have a Muslim education. He was tyrannical. I’ve only known people like that all my life. Was Dad like that too? He was weak, fragile, a weird man… He liked gambling, showing off. He tried to work but never managed to keep a job. So he went back. I think I drank too much. For the first time, I feel like you’re my brother. It’s moving. Let’s go to Algeria together, so you can show me your playground, your school. I can’t go back. I’d end up in jail. Scherrer’ll send me back if I don’t collaborate. And yet, I can’t do it. I decided to stop the hawala. I made my decision in Brussels before I left. I was only doing it for the money. You’re not going to your appointment? You’ll lose your bail. I don’t care. Good evening. Good evening. Good evening, how are you? OK. I was wrong about you. I thought you were working for the cops. I need to use the men’s room. The drinks are making me nauseous. Why did you lie to me? What? She died days ago. Why didn’t you tell me anything when you called me in Brussels? Why did you tell me she was in the hospital? I had to meet you, to get you to come to Switzerland. If you don’t tell me everything, I’m leaving. It’s over. Scherrer forced me to do this. Scherrer? He gave me your address. So Scherrer is behind the story with the Russians too? He forced me. Why? They came so you’d buy the bail story. They were cops, actually. He told me you were dangerous, that you were an Islamist involved in the hawala. That’s why they were watching you. He said I could save lives. What would you have done? I didn’t know you! What I did was lame. I messed up everything. And yet, I always dreamed of meeting you. Don’t come near me! I could kill you. I was facing charges for trafficking. My hands were tied. I had to accept.