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Spongebob Beautiful Adventure The World Bank urging caution as volatilities in emerging markets continue to remind investors that with unprecedented global interconnectivity, even the strongest economies are vulnerable to collapse. This just in. Last minute negotiations are expected today as the security council of the United Nations votes. Russia’s bitterly opposed to a new Turkish pipeline, which could see Russian economic dominance of oil exports shattered. The big question, will the U.S. defy Russia? AMERICAN DIPLOMAT: The only thing that the Turks and the Georgians would undermine with their pipeline is Russia’s monopoly on the Eastern European natural gas market. We both know that. If you block our proposal and the pipeline is approved, oil falls below $ a barrel and the Russian government goes bankrupt. In our judgment, your assessment is extreme. Thank you. Our request comes from my country’s highest level. And it is respectfully denied from mine. Then we will regard this as an act of economic war. MALE NEWS ANCHOR: While Wall Street talks up the robust performance of the dollar, many commentators look to the U.N. and the bitter standoff between the United States and Russia. The U.S. has the upper hand for now, but fears exist about exactly how an angry Russia and Russian business will react to the likely disastrous effects for the Russian economy of America’s U.N. veto. CHIMING SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING WHISPERS Tell him he will need somebody in Moscow. He’ll want you. No, I’m just an analyst. Our Russian partners are hiding accounts from us. It’s, um, all in the data. Nobody else understands the data. Harper will want you. Just get yourself to Moscow. WOMAN: IN FILM Operator. Operator. Operator! OPERATOR: IN FILM Your call, please. WOMAN: Operator, I’ve been ringing Murray Hill, , for the last half hour and the line is always busy. Will you ring it for me, please? SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE Hello? Jack? PANTING PANTING You home yet? PEOPLE SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY ON TV BOTH LAUGHING I bet you looked cute. CHUCKLES MALE NEWS ANCHOR: Game overseas, where we see a surprisingly sturdy performance by the dollar,