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 As I pointed out before, Michael, we’re seeing, as in this example here, very hardy, native plants completely flash out dead. That looks like it’s been hit with some kind of a chemical. And we’ve only seen this in the last couple years. And there’s another one there, there, back over there. We’re seeing mature madrone trees, which are ,  feet high, flash out dead just like this. USDA refuses to investigate it. The pH typically around here should be about .. Well, since the contrailing got heavy, I watched the pH here in these forests, well, go up I guess would be the word. from ., it went about  times more alkaline. Very big red flag of fallout from these materials are pH changes to the forest floor. We have very extensive studies from the U.S. Department of Agriculture on the soils in our region, and those soils have changed in five to six years. The pH’s have changed in this– in this area as much as  to  times toward alkaline in five to six years. I’ve personally been in the forest testing with USDA soil scientists who just scratched their heads and seemed to have no explanation for incredibly profound changes in pH, which is affecting the ecosystem here tremendously. Aluminum buffer action, aluminum hydroxide is what we think it is, uh, plus the barium carbonate, strontium titanate, strontium oxides, barium oxides, probably some aluminum oxides in there. But this has apparently driven our acid soils about  times more alkaline, to about .. There are simply too many dots here that connect. Our skies are almost never blue anymore. That is a named consequence of geoengineering.