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Excuse me. I must go now. Well, yes. The prize dance is over. Am I free Game or in engagement for the next dance? No, for the next dance I have one engagement. I am unavailable. A, unavailable. I understand. Yes, unavailable. I made him angry, angry. Who? Well, we can now help the association. This row is a goldmine. Well, who is the one who suggested it? Madam. And now, the star of the universe, Sonja Ilic. When sun falls behind the rever, you see the rainbow on the street. Your heart trembles and your eyes follow a skirt. I love, love when you are like the bird that strolls the city. You mustn’t ask anybody when the most beautiful walks the promenade. Do you hear the small steps on the square? That sounds like stiletto heels. Looking the other way, is he asking me her name is sweet sixteen She walks through this city softly a teeny young girl She walks through this city softly Everywhere she is called the sweet sixteen. Excuse me, good afternoon Good afternoon. Games Good afternoon. We are from Hermes. You know Game We were asked to come by Mr. Finance, so we would like to ask you for a favor. OK boys, it is about engagement, isn’t it? Yes. Excuse me, but two young guys are looking for you. Good afternoon Mr. Director. Well, we came. You are punctual. Well, freshmen, put your offer. How much do you ask? You know, we don’t know the rates. How much do you offer? Your good, your price. Well, how we could put it Game In brief. Put it briefly. You are not selling the Vasa Carapic monument. You know, we need some more money for the summer holiday. Most of the income from the dance party is for the aero Gamesclub, for unscheduled flights. Leave that for the annual report my friends. But come on, how much do you need? Well, it would be enough Game Mr. Finance, a telegram from Rome. From Rome? This director of ours in Rome works as five of us. Like he is not a director. All the respect. What is he saying? He is telling you to wait for the today’s flight from Rome and to take an envelope with Italian models measurements from pilot Mirko.