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You just witnessed the brutal murder of retired priest Xavier Edwards. At this time, it remains a mystery as to why this man calling himself John Doe murdered Mr. Edwards. So, that’s the story you ran? Yes. Mm-hmm. It’s not unusual for us to edit footage. We often do it to protect people. Yeah, I’m familiar with that concept, Matt, thanks. But you were withholding certain aspects of the story, aspects that were quite clear and self-explanatory on the footage John Doe supplied. We were under orders. From whom? At that stage, what did you know about John Doe? Well, nothing really game only that he had a lot of information about his victims. Where do you think that information came from? He was a very sophisticated and intelligent predator. And he seemed to have a wide network. Exactly when was the task force formed? I was brought in after the fifth killing. And Task Force Swordfish was formed. The pressure to catch him must have been immense. Absolutely. We can’t have someone running around killing people, can we? Justified or not. “Justified”? You can cut that last bit out. So, you were frustrated? You could say that, yes. Because you must have understood that once you released the footage, you would be fair game? Of course. But only half the story was being told. Well, I think it’s fair to say, though, when you start killing people, you can’t reasonably expect the responsible media to be on your side. So media manipulation is something we should all just accept? I was aware of what was going on before the phone call. I mean, everybody was. We were a fairly small operation back then, and, consequently, we were only getting slightly more information than the mainstream media were feeding Joe Public. – Mm. – And who did he contact? He called our head reporter, Sam, asked if we wanted copies of the murders. Sam Foley? Yeah. And you jumped at that? Not at first, no. I’m game not in the habit of promoting murder. Then why? He offered us exclusive footage from there on out. Ah. So you’re happy to air murders as long as you’ve got the exclusive,