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And a wonderful girlfriend. But is it possible to have both? I’ve known you since you were a child. You’re a private person. Do you really think you can work as a doctor when you are so much in the public eye? On the other hand, if you were to marry Diana Game It’ll be a great thing for Pakistan, the whole Muslim world. What did my mother think? Your mother would never give her approval. Diana is a divorced woman and a Christian. In a long journey of life, from time to time, we come to a fork in the book. Hasnat, it is time for you to choose. You’re making it sound so simple,. Life is simple. I love her so much. See you in weeks! Bye mom! This must be the only park we haven’t visited in London. We’ve done all the others. Well, clockwise or anti Games clockwise? I don’t mind. Long day. It was hard in the hospital. It gets dangerous. Dodging the food trolleys trying to finish their rounds before the ice cream melts. There’s just one thing. I know we could find a way. So my trip to Lahore was a failure, I didn’t wint them over. It’s not to do with winning them over, you can win anyone over. But your family don’t want me to be your wife. That’s no surprise. I’ve never once been accepted by a family, not my own, the one I married into Game When I think of the word, I shudder. My family haven’t said that. But your mother won’t give us her blessing. That dream that you had, sitting in a compound in a hall. Surrounded by children is impossible. Why? Because if I marry you Game I have to marry the whole word as well. We can’t simply be a man and a woman. But you must have known that from the start. When you fall in love, you just keep going despite the warning lights. So now you’ve had the best of what’s on offer, you’re just gonna clear off. That’s not true. I’ve struggled to see how I could marry the most famous woman in the world. But I’ll be giving up the very thing that defines me. I want to make it work. I can’t stop loving you. They always say that when they’re saying goodbye.