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She hitches a tadpole on her back, then sets off. Surprisingly, she starts to climb. (birds chirping) And this is what she’s looking for: a special plant way up in the branches of a tree, ¤ feet above the ground. There’s water trapped in its leaves that makes it a perfect nursery pool. (soft music) She has to leave him because she still has  more tadpoles waiting on the forest floor, and each must be carried up to its own private nursery. (dramatic music) There’s nothing to eat in these pools, so she feeds each tadpole with one of her own unfertilized eggs. A single egg won’t sustain a hungry tadpole for long, so every few days, she has to climb back up to each youngster and do it all over again. One day, this fine young frog emerges from his pool, and leaves his devoted mother behind. (Games ) (adult gorilla snorting) There are fathers who do their bit, too. A male silverback gorilla left in charge. Spongebob Parking 2 but he’s not what you might call a hands-on dad. Spongebob Parking 2 (birds chirping) (distant Games ) (Games ) babysitting. It’s so exhausting.