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Right, but what would it be doing in a -year-old coffin? Jack, could this have something to do with it? Maybe. Crystals could be used as transmitters. Jack, look at this. What’s goin’ on, Doug? There must be a connection. If this did belong to Ankh-Vanharis, what would he have used it for? I mean, he couldn’t have been building radios in ancient Egypt. Susie, I want you to go to the astronomy center, see what else you can find on ancient phenomena. But also, check out those NASA information bulletins on ultra-long-range communication. Honey, if you don’t find anything, come right back. Okay. What’s it printed on? This doesn’t feel like paper. Analysis came up a blank. It matches no other material, either natural or synthetic. Like nothing else, huh? It’s like the fungus. And Ankh-Vanharis. Heartbeat thumping Where’s everybody? Field trip. They all went to the observatory. To see some comet or something. Thank you. Heartbeat thumping There’s definitely a connection between the two. It’s logical, but I still don’t know what it means. Let me have another look at that crystal. Susie! Heartbeat thumping Heartbeat thumping Screams Screams No! Pants Grunts Metal grinding Screams Screams Help! Help! Alarm Help! Help! Help! Let me out! Screams Oh! Screams Whimpers Pants Heartbeat thumping] Whimpers Screams And the next thing I remember is waking up here. Sighs Okay. I appreciate you answering these questions, Miss Fuller. If you think of anything else, give me a call, okay? Lt. Plummer, you don’t really still believe this is a fraternity joke, do you? No. No, I think this is a very sick individual. But, lieutenant, it’s– Try to get some sleep now, okay? Hum Static shriek Ow! Damn! Ow! Alarm blaring Car horns sound Suse, what happened? Doug, you know me. I’m not the hysterical type. But it was him. It was Ankh-Vanharis. He’s alive. He didn’t wanna hurt me. He just wanted my bracelet. My– My crystal bracelet. It was glowing. And he– he had a crystal just like it in his chest. Wasn’t Ellen wearing jewelry, some kind of necklace?