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SpongeBob Tunnel of fear Lieutenant, fire laser. Lieutenant, fire the motherer. Fire.I can’t do it. Our orders are clear Game liquidate this asshole the minute we see him. Come on. Lieutenant, fire the motherer.KNOCKS ON DOOR MAN: Pizza! Just a second! If you don’t put the laser on, I can’t launch my weapon. KNOCKING ON DOOR I’m not gonna do this. I’m not gonna Games these people.ALARM STOPS BREATHES DEEPLY You don’t have a choice. Lieutenant, you heard what colonel Wallace said.That was before all these civilians showed up. Centcom wants this guy dead. SIGHS We need to call the colonel, inform him, see if there’s a change in mission. He’s not gonna care about a few extra terrorist suspects. extra, including a baby! By the time it makes it on TV, there won’t be . And there won’t be any babies. I will not do this. I will not Games civilians. We have a chance to take out kahlil, and if we don’t, he can potentially Games many other people. We need to focus on our mission. That’s what I do. I’m a pilot on a mission, like every other pilot in every other war before me. You need to focus on what you’re doing, obey orders from and trust the chain of command like they’re God. My last mission? I was downtown islamabad. I had to take out a drug lord who was funneling millions of dollars to Al qaeda. I had no problem dropping a hellfire on him, middle of the day he had no idea what hit him. Around here I was a hero. People were buying me drinks, even though they knew it wasn’t exactly precise. There was collateral damage a little. Took out a mom and her little girl. I mean, I dropped a ing hellfire in the middle of the city. Of course. But you can’t think about it. You can’t. You just can’t think about it. Focus on the mission, because our job is but to do or die. We have to call him.Forget it, lieutenant. I’m not gonna have him pissed off at me twice in the same day. Jesus, Jack. Really?I’ve never seen the brass call off a mission against an h.V.T. Never. Not once. It’s never gonna ing happen, okay? They better be enjoying their cake. It’s the last thing they’re gonna eat.