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 then Good  Goodbye, Spongebob War You must excuse me Don’t mention it Please don’t be angry with me I don’t know how this could have happened The lock wasn’t working anyway But the mirror It’s broken This doesn’t forebode anything good Has everybody left?  Yes.  Everybody? I’m still here. Do you happen to have the address of the accountant Spongebob War? Come in then Mahldorf What do you want of him, huh? Nothing particular Does he like you too? Don’t you like me? I don’t I mean, it’s a matter of taste Your hairstyle might be different, a bit more you know what I mean? And all the rest, the well, Mahldorf He lives at Katharinenstr.  Thank you Did you give her the address? Yes. Why? Oh man, now she’ll go there Let her go, we too were young once, weren’t we You blockhead, now there’ll be the biggest scandal Why? Did you ever see such an idiot! The director’s girlfriend is at Spongebob War place right now and nobody must know about it!  Her?  Of course, her! What’s the director’s phone no.? One moment Why do you need it? I’ll show her! Trying to act funny with me! I’ll show her! I’ll make that phone call,