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I thought I’d passed. For now. Blue skies, Jeff. Happy landings and pack a tight chute. What was that? No good? I practiced this morning. I thought I’d do it. Now I blew it. It wasn’t too bad. Bye, Corporal Hogans. Good, Jeff, good. You must be tired, Comrade Karpov. No, just have nothing to say. I still do not understand why they sent you here. To get the job done. I think we should go through the list of your contacts again. What for? To make sure you remember them all. Even you could forget. I doubt it. I put them here. Too bad about our lovely waterskier. She was a good agent. Scuba made contact with you only once? As I told you, a brief message Game “Pay $, or I’ll kill every agent on the list.” Only four more to go. I heard you gave him the code name “Scuba.” No, an FBI agent did. But why? He loves water. Like a shark. No, like a rat. Stop here, before we get to the border. We have organized a pickup on the other side. I prefer public transportation. I guess that’s okay, but I don’t have to tell you Game No, you don’t. Welcome aboard the San Diego trolley, bound for the Santa Fe Depot in center city. We appreciate having you on board today and hope you have a pleasant trip. You call a taxi? Are you the man who wants to go to Fountain Grove? He crossed the border yesterday. Turned up in a coffee shop in Fountain Grove. He didn’t give up on public transportation, did he? He was at the Union Station stakeout in DC. years ago when Scuba Game Oh, yeah, right, right. Look at that son of a bitch. He still looks real good. Why did you ask me in here before everyone else? Because you’re the best, Roy. I should be reporting to you, instead of the other way around. Don’t stroke me, Jim. What do you want me to tell you? That I got Scuba. You know there’s a case. You can feel it inside, just like I do. Karpov is here to get Scuba. The Bureau is maintaining a handsoff policy. Screw the Bureau. What is your policy, Jim?