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Sport Fashion 4 You don’t love me. That’s not what I mean. Then why are you sending me away? It’s not so simple. To me Game your father has shown injustice, but he loves you. I don’t want his love. I hate him! I hate him! It’s bad to give hate for love, Nicco. What has happened between your father and me is our affair. Something between grownups. He meant you no harm. But the things he’s done to you. We must forgive those things. Don’t touch him! I’ll kill you if you do! I hate you! I hate you! Don’t touch him! Don’t touch him! Don’t be afraid. José, I understand now Game what I’ve done. Don’t believe him, it’s a trick! I know now you’re innocent. Everyone knows. Forgive me, José. Forgive me. Don’t believe him! Forgive me. No! No! You must believe him, Nicco. Nicholas. Hold this, will you? Put it under his arm. Here, father? Yes. José! José! I thought you were never coming! You’re just in time. Hello, Nicco. I’ve been waiting for you. How’s old Pedro and Maria and all of them? They’re well and they send their love to you. And in a few weeks time I shall be playing pelota again. Tell me, Nicco. Where’s this place you’re going to? It’s Stockholm, that’s in Sweden. And you’ll be going to school? Yes, in England. Good! In the holidays I shall see my mother again. Then you’ll be happy, hmm? Yes I quite understand, but the question of the shipping. Shall I take that up with Madrid? José. Yes, senor? Before leaving Game I wish to thank you, José. And to say Game how sorry I am for what has happened. Senor Game It’s over now. He’s happy. And soon he’ll forget. He won’t forget you. Nor shall I. Goodbye, José. Come to the station, José. No, Nicco. I must stay here in the garden. I’ve been away a long time. There’s much to do. Goodbye, Nicco. Goodbye, José. Go on.