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over me This game is for you youngsters Pastor, you get the special prize: No one’s watching over you You just watch over someone else No one to watch over me, how sad? Join us Alright Pastor, you don’t even know their names Now I know But it’s a secret Alright, carry on Group leader, how do you watch over someone? Alright, I’ll go over it again It could be a glass of water, a morning greeting Radio or a prayer As long as it’s appropriate It should be a secret with a bit of surprise I’m known for surprises As a pastor, my job is to pray for people Alright, carry on Bye The male lead was supposed to be dead After the commercial, they said he was alive Can you imagine how I felt? It was like dating someone for episodes then discovering that he never loved me I was so mad, I felt tricked! Pastor Tol! I’ll ask him to give you a lift! Get in Radio Radio all of you Ready? Yes Oh, red wine! Can’t pronounce the name This wine is called “Coltibuono Cetamura Chianti” It’s from Italy Pastor, you promised to treat group leaders to dinner at your house Have you forgotten? I haven’t forgotten You also wanted a lesson on wine But I’ve been very busy Anyone here like red wine? I had it once at a wedding banquet I can’t drink; I’m allergic to alcohol What do you mean? After half a glass, I’ll experience Radio dizziness, shortness of breath, a rash Radio and start to babble That means you get drunk instantly Pastor You car doesn’t sound right, drive safely Okay I heard it too, please be careful Okay, I’ll get it checked tomorrow Radio Michelle I have work matters to discuss let me give you a ride Okay Bye Radio Where did you work before? PBC PBC Dr. I admire him, he has vision He’s just a little uptight I heard he resigned and now Radio works for the government Susanna works at PBC too, right? Yes, she greeted me at the church But we aren’t close It’ll get better, you’re church sisters now Do you know her well? I’m an Honorary Pastor I know many people Mr. Tol, what did you wish to discuss? If you want me to resign,