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Sports Heads Foot You know how far that damn airport is from here? Hey, come on, man. It’s just me and you now. I left them other jive turkeys way behind. All right. I can dig it. My brother made me some money, so I’ll leave his ass in the street. Go ahead with your bad self! We’ll see how far your ass get without my help! Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Jive motherer. Tonight I fought for you. You didn’t make enough money? Wait a minute, man. Shh. Huh? You want some more? Don’t be talking about money around here, man. These people hear we got $,, we won’t make it to that damn corner. Just put your money back in your pocket. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Why don’t we get a cab out of here now? Come on. Hey, lookit there. There it is. There’s a telephone. That’s what we need. Yeah. Listen to me. I’ll get you out of this. I’m a survivor. Come on, man. Be out of this mess before you know it. Come on, man. Yeah, you looking for an honest man, I’m him. I’ll never steer you wrong. There it is, see? I’m right on it. Hey, man. What is this, man? Shut up, man. Hey, cuz, you want to use our phone? That’s all right, blood. We’ll go someplace else. You don’t like my phone, cuz? How much you want for your phone? Let me do the talking, man. Hey, shut up, nigger! I want to hear the white boy. This is my hood, motherer, and I ask the questions. How much you paying? He ain’t got no money, motherer. I got the money, and I’ll kick your ass. You ain’t getting shit! Motherer’s going to pay now! Come on, man! Today’s your lucky day, punk. That’s right. I want a cab. What do you mean, you don’t send cabs to this neighborhood? You want to use the phone? Come on. Let’s go. Hey. You’re going to listen to Joshua now, huh? I’ve been all over the world. I’ve been around, from the Big Apple to the Big Orange. How you going to get around in all that smog? Huh? Them freeways? A lot of people in L.A., man. A lot of shit going on. A lot of weird ass motherers running around. Huh? And besides, I owe you lunch. Yeah, yeah, you owe me lunch. But you’re wasting your time if you think I’ll fight again.