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I’m nothing to you. You’re a sick guy. I don’t want you around me or my wife. Michael, your guests Games I’ll be right there. Michael needs to get some things off his chest. Michael, Roger Games Honey, please. Kicking me out, Michael? Honey, please don’t keep them waiting. If I have to. Tell Roger I’ll be there in a second, OK? What are you going to do? You going to call the cops? Get the out! Lower your voice. you! Lower your voice. you! Your pigeon’s watching. Hope he doesn’t fly away on you. Hey, need your car, man? Ticket. Don’t you think you were rough on Pete? I told you I don’t want him around. I wanted to make that clear. Well, you succeeded. Come on, guys, it’s time for our toast. Come on. Good health, good fortune, and the time to enjoy it. That’s an old Castilian toast. Translated. Honey, looks like you’ve just made these two people very happy. Candace, I know three people your husband’s made happy tonight. We’ll all be happy when everything falls into place, Roger. What’s not to fall into place? That is a nice ride, dude. I thought you were about to propose another one of those wonderful continental toasts. To the two most charming women here Games Your beautiful wife and mine. I’m glad you called. I been thinking about you a lot lately. Leave it. Sorry. Still sensitive? You get shot or something? It was a fishing accident. Yeah. Who fishes with guns? Are you all right? ‘Cause we can go to a motel on a nice, cozy bed. I mean, if you’re having a problem Games A problem? The only problem that I have Games is sleazy, lowlife whores like you. That’s my problem. What the hell’s wrong with you? Get out. I’m not getting out here! Just get the out! Are you crazy? I don’t know where the I am. That’s exactly your problem, isn’t it? Isn’t it? So, being a policeman is really all about helping people. It’s about being a friend. It’s not about shooting it out with bad guys. That’s what you see on TV. That’s not why I wanted to become a cop. I became a cop to protect people Games To make them feel happy and safe.