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Spread Time Pirates Where did you get all the guns? Oh, mostly collected by father and my grandfather over the years. They’re worth something. So don’t you be taking them hunting or nothin’. You ever gonna sell any of this stuff? Those I’m taking with me to my grave. Waylon, did you ever know of anybody named Amanda? Why do you ask? Oh, I’m just wondering. Did you see her? Yeah. Where? Where did you see her? I don’t know game Did she say anything to you? What’d she say? Nothin’ much. Who is she? Boy game You stay away from her. She’s dangerous. All right. And if you see her again, you tell me. Okay? Yeah. Good. COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING Where’d you go? Nowhere. Who were you with? No one. So you were nowhere with no one game I guess doing nothin’, huh? Yeah. Know what I was doin’? I was workin’ my ass off while you were doing nothin’. You were supposed to spray the tobacco. I can’t trust you with nothin’. Were you with that city girl game Katie? Are you drunk? You won’t be so smart when you’re burnin’ in hell. At least I’ll have you for some company. CRASH IDA: Eli! What are you doing out here? He’s drinking. Yeah, I know. What’s that? What was it? A lamp. Bastard can rot in the dark. I’m sorry. DOG BARKING Hey, buddy. Hey, Bud. You ain’t so scary, huh? Come on, let’s go for a walk, huh? Come on. Come on, buddy. Must be a lot of rabbits in there, huh, boy? Here. Here, Jesse, boy. Through here. You promised. Liar! Liar! Jesse! Why didn’t you listen to me? IDA: You don’t have to work today. Bud, tell him he doesn’t have to work game It’s okay, ma. I feel like workin’. Bud? If he wants to work, let him work. Children Children see By strength, by will By stars LYRICS CONTINUE INDISTINCTLY Amanda? I don’t care what you are. Amanda, come out and talk to me. I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have hopped over that fence! Please just talk to me. Tell me what happened to you. Mornin’. Mornin’. Pa, did Waylon ever have any siblings growing up? No. What are you lying for? Waylon had a sister. What was her name? Amanda. She and your papa were sweethearts before we got together.