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 Spunky vs Aliens  And now I can’t stop making it for myself!. Bon appetit. It’s delicious! Now I’m all alone. I’m so, so lonely. But at my age, I couldn’t go and buy another New Games. I thought I’d just have to do without one. Then from the distance, I heard your voice… It’s like Momoko came back! You’ve passed the inspection. Wonderful! Please sign here. NAME: TOSHIKO YOSHIOKA BREED: GINGER TABBY UNTIL If I happen to pass away… you’ll take her back, won’t you? Of course. She’s a rental. You’ll look after her again, won’t you? I would never, ever abandon her. Then I can depart with peace of mind? Yes, please depart with peace of mind. UNTIL I PASS AWAY Will this do? Yes, this is fine. Now, how much? Oh, right… Well, for your down payment, just this much, please. , yen? Spunky vs Aliens Oh no. – , yen? – Of course not! , yen. That much? Is it too much? Oh, no… It’s not enough! Do you think so? After all, you’re lending me the perfect New Games for me. That’s right. But, will you be OK? Can you get by? Do I look like I’m having trouble getting by? Just a little.