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Spy Car Baby I can’t wait to get you up in my room Baby Just let me go and set up the mood Yeah Now I’m gonna do you up and then I’m gonna do you down I’m gonna have that body baby Floating all around And all you gotta do is get close to me Bring it all to me It’s goin’ down We ain’t havin’ sex We’re making moments that will outlast the world Oooh baby – What’s up sweetie? – I’m Olivia. – I’m Easy. – Really? Well I’m not. No no . My name is Easy. Well not my real name but you can call me Ty. I like Easy. I like Olivia. Looks like Easy’s already working his game. Ask me and I think Easy’s the one who’s gonna get played. I step in the club ready to ignite My girls are right by my side All the drinks are free Boys got no idea That we gonna be shaking tonight I don’t think I should go. Come on. I told you we can party at my hotel. Yeah but I really don’t think I should. You told me you wanted to go. I don’t know what I’m saying right now. I’m sorry. It’s all right baby. I’ll take care of you. Don’t you know that when a woman says no it means no? Now don’t be a sore loser. Better get out of my way now. I don’t think you heard me. She’s not going with you! Come on! Yuson! Yuson come on man! – Spy Car! – Break it up! Let it go. I’m outta here. – Maya I’m taking you home. – I can take care of myself. I knew I’d find you here. You’re so disciplined. What happened to you? I fell. Is that what the rest of the crew would say? Come on Nina. Don’t be like that. Looks like you were in a fight. Bet it was over a girl. If you want somebody to comfort you it’s not going to be me. Nina Eric I think you should leave. Please. I’m done. Are you forgetting that I’m the one who taught you how to dance? This was my show to choreograph and you stole it from me so we’re even. Why should Martin let you choreograph our biggest show of the year? Unless of course you’re sleeping with him. I love it when you get mad. That’s so Spy Car. You’re such an asshole man. Oh Spy Car if you change your mind you know I’ll always take you back. Hello? So what was that show all about you put on at the club last night? Obviously you’ve moved on and so have I. You make it sound like you was the one who was dumped. Yeah well you made your bed so lie in it. Meaning? Ask Spy Car. I’m sure she’ll be happy to explain it to you. Where’s everybody at? Don’t we got practice? You’re early for a change. That’s ’cause I’m a new man. Finally I understand why you so twisted over Maya. I just had the time of my life! No you did not. With that girl from the Brazilian crew? Her name is Olivia. And uh yeah I’m talking the whole night through till the sun came up. – Yeah she must’ve been somethin’ to keep your ass in there all night. Man I thought you was more evolved. We spent the whole night conversing. Getting to know one another. Okay now you’re just trying to play me. I’m saying it’s like you said once you’ve been in love there’s no going back. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe she’s after you for something else? Listen. I can smell a gold digger like my cousin Tyrell can smell bacon cooking four blocks away.