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Over the Christmas break, the amount of negative press surrounding the game mounts and mounts. Dennis, the focal point of the media’s anger. And Dennis learns that as a result, not everybody will be joining him on the return journey to Pyongyang in a fortnights time. Everything changed before Christmas. Our collective view in terms of our participation in the project changed before Christmas. And that had, obviously, to do with the purge. North Korea was suddenly the subject of intense, intense international scrutiny. “Dramatic statement that Kim Jong-Un” intends to be ruthless.” Fears of a new instability in North Korea. Kim Jong-Un is basically telling the elite in Pyongyang, “if you’re disloyal to me, you will be executed.” That made us reassess exactly what we were doing. And that led us to a position that we were no longer comfortable being associated with the event. Paddy Power has pulled out, which at first glance, was seen to be a massive blow for Dennis. Without them, his project would never have got-ten off the ground. And it would have been fun to watch a self-promoting gambling company hanging out in a country where both advertising and gambling are illegal. But when Dennis arrives back in Beijing, he doesn’t seem too concerned. Now Paddy Power are not around, this is solely the Dennis Rodman show. No wonder he seems upbeat as he meets his fellow American basketball players who’ve signed up for the match. Cliff Robinson. I played years in the NBA. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. Doug Christie, played in the NBA for years, from Los Angeles via Seattle, Washington. Kenny Anderson. Played years in the NBA. Coach high school ball now in Florida. The number-one dunker in the world Games My name is Guy Dupree. I’m from Paris, France, live in fort Myers, Florida. I’m years old, play in the euro league. Vin Baker. Played years in the NBA. Currently finishing halfway through my masters program at union seminary in New York. Name’s Andre Pool, also known as silk, you know, to the street ball world.