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Stealth Bound Time XRay Game you know my condition. You don’t have to pay. I’ll call him. Dr. Prakash Kulkarni. Go and meet him. Doctor, have my reports come? Yes. Please be seated. You’re perfectly all right. You look disappointed. No. Dr. Kulkarni mentioned that you’re a cancer expert. Expert in what. In giving cancer or curing it. It’s alright doctor. But I’ve developed a new complication. I don’t get sleep and I feel tired during the day. Give me some good medicine. You love to take medicines, don’t you? If I give you some colorful capsules or tablets Game Or tell you a medicine which is unavailable Game then you’ll be satisfied and believe I’m a good doctor. If you can give me some medicine, then do so Game else there’s no dearth of doctors. Please leave. What’s your consultation fees? I take fees for medicines not for giving some sense. Dr. Kulkarni, please. Dr. Banerjee. Prakash, I’m Bhaskar here. I’m sending a boy for an XRay. His name is Ranjit. Examine him. Do you have the samples of streptomycin. Keep some for me. Whose letter? Trivedi. The Gynecologist from Delhi, he’s writing after a long time. I’m going to the laboratory in the afternoon Game and I’ll be there by . p.m. Sister. Good morning, Dr. Banerjee. Is Dr. Kulkarni in. Yes, he’s waiting for you. Remember Mrs. Sanyal take the green and red capsules together Game and after half an hour the pink tablets. Next the green and yellow capsules Game and half an hour later the pink tablets. And yes, the white tablets that I prescribed, continue them Game one in the morning and in the evening. I’m sorry. No problem, Bhaskar, come in. I forgot to mention one thing. Something’s wrong with me these days Game I feel frightened. Why? I had my blouses stitched last month and they’re tight now. It’s a sanfrize material. No, Mrs. Sanyal don’t neglect it. I want to check your blood cholesterol. Come next Saturday. Oh no, not Saturday, I’ve a kitty party. Can’t I come on Friday? Friday Game let me check. Fine. Friday morning . a.m. Okay. Here’s the check for last month of / rupees. Thank you.