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Come on out, now! There’s some bad news about your girlfriend! She’s dead! MUSIC PLAYING Hey! You hear me? Come on! It’s all over! Don’t do it, man. GUN CLICKS Come on, let’s go. DANNY HYPERVENTILATES Hey, hey, look at me. Danny, Danny, look at me. It’s okay, all right? Hey, we got this, all right? Come on. GUNFIRE CONTINUES MARVIN: Give me my in’ money! Come on, let’s go! Let’s go! SOBBING Let’s go! GUNSHOTS All right, let’s go. Come on, Dad! . On the ground, . . TOM: No one can find Richie anywhere. Laura knew that Will was at the post office, which means Richie probably knows now, too. So is that where we should go? No, look, look, look. One mile due north of the mill run and Grugen Hollow intersection. We go here. Okay. MUSIC PLAYING THROUGHOUT How’s that? . SIREN WAILS Come on, Tom, we ain’t got all day! Move it! All right, here it is, come on. All right, I need you climb up there and wait for me, okay? Yeah. You’re gonna get your body flat on the floor, and don’t make a sound or move a muscle until I get back. You got it? Got it. All right, I love you, kiddo. Love you, too. Go do it. MUSIC PLAYING GASPING CRYING Come on, let’s go! Now! Come on! SIREN WAILS ENGINE REVS All right, now lay down. Okay. SOBBING Richie, get that kid! Okay! SOBBING No! No! No, no! Room for two up there? MUSIC PLAYING WHIMPERS You let her go! That’s my money! I’m not letting her go! This is over, Howell! What, are you some kind of hero now? I got news for you, Billy. It doesn’t work that way! See, I know about heroes, I protect this entire community. You steal from it. It’s federally insured, you idiot. The bank will give you back every last cent! What’s a lousy two million for all I’ve done for the people of Granville? Now throw that in’ bag over here! Uh-uh. No more. Oof. I’m gonna count to three. You need to let her go. You gon’ count to three? Who the do you think you are? Now get the out of here before I put one in your in’ head. One. I gave my life to this town, and what thanks do I get? Two. I’m gonna put two in her in’ head right now. Let’s see if you got the precision to splatter my brains and not hers. SOBBING Go ahead. You’re a killer now, right? Since you shot Charlie yesterday? You got all that juice flowin’ through you? I remember how that felt the first time, right after I pushed your dad off that cliff. BREATHING HEAVILY EXHALES DEEPLY Three. Put the gun down! Danny! Danny, no! LAUGHING Oh, my God, isn’t this precious? Danny! I got the shot, Dad. SOBS No! You know what they say about women and children first. Danny, no, no! Stop! I can do it! Put the gun down, son. Danny, Danny! No! SOBS MUFFLED Danny, no! YELLING Howell! PANTS Levi! MUSIC PLAYING Levi, come on! Danny, Danny! SIREN WAILS Mom! Danny! SOBBING Are you okay? I’m okay. Oh! My goodness. POLICE CHATTER MUSIC PLAYING THROUGHOUT So, it’s pretty exciting, we were able to recover all the money CONTINUES INDISTINCT BIRDS CHIRPING Love you. Why don’t you add this to your collection? I think it belongs here anyways. Besides, Danny doesn’t need to shoot anything to prove how tough he is. He’s already more of a man than most. You good, kiddo? I’m good, Dad. That’s my boy.