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I wouldn’t do it simply out of politeness, now, would I’? It’s not quite the same thing, we were actually at school together for years. OK, if any strange kid from our school asked me to chat for half an hour. I wouldn’t do it. What about the reunion? You didn’t Game So why did you go? To meet my friends and talk to them. But you weren’t friends with everyone. No, not everyone, but I no doubt said Hi to the ones I wasn’t and then I went and talked to my mates. I hung out with them, asked them about the past years. You don’t want to meet new people’? I told you, I said Hi to them. But I’m interested in the ones I was interested in then. I realised I’m not at all curious about the ones I didn’t care about then, or now. What if your daughter was bullied’? To start with, she wouldn’t Game I don’t think she could get bullied. She’s too strong, and wouldn’t allow it. If she was, she’d give as good as she got or would just play with someone else. I just want to tell you that many of our other classmates Game Game said they felt that you haven’t matured that much. Maybe. That’s for them to say. But how do you feel? I don’t care. Well, anyway, now you’ve had your little chat. Rikard here, he’s in the film. He plays Micke. Well, I have to Game Bye, then. Bye. Shit, see that guy over there in the grey coat? Excuse me Game but you’re an actor, right’? Yes Game Weren’t you in Anna Odell’s class reunion film? That’s right. You played me in it! No! Wow. Can I sit down’? How weird. I’ll be damned. I was at Anna Odell’s a few days ago to see the film and have a chat. But you must’ve tried to form some impression of me? Anna told me what she thought about you, showed me photos and stuff. Sol have formed some sort of impression. But how did you Game ? There’s Facebook, you know. So I just went into Facebook. You checked me out on Facebook? You didn’t go in to steal my identity, did you? Or like, copy it, somehow Game Game and documentarily try to create an accurate picture of me as possible’? You haven’t done that? I hear you, but I think I’ve formed my own idea of things. It doesn’t feel special to you? Not in this case, no. Ifs not as if you were playing someone who doesn’t exist.