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Stick Fighting 3 P’shoo! Ah. What? I hope you like it. I can’t believe you made this from scratch. Who wants to play dance central? I do! I want to kill myself. Yay! Let’s play. Hey, tore, can you get the door? Gil, you are so clever. What can I say? She’s rubbing off on me. Okay, well, if I’m not back in five, ume that I’m dead, And don’t come looking for me. Okeydokey, honey. Yeah, Gil, you should try my pie. What the hell? Hey. Did you run here? I needed to talk to you, And you weren’t answering your phone. Yeah, it’s thanksgiving, And my mom makes us put our phones and beepers In a basket before we sit down to the table. Who has a beeper? Gil. I’m a doctor! Orthodontist! So you wanted something? When we had last night game Oh, my god, dude. My parents are, like, right in there. Sorry. When we had last night game Did you feel something? Uh, it took me a minute, but yeah. Come on, I’m serious. Like game Like a game connection? Oh, my god. Please do not say things like that. I mean, it’s so promY. You’re, like, so stuck in high school. It’s really frightening. You can’t say you didn’t feel anything. I mean, I thought it was pretty clear That we were just two sad, horny adults Getting some in a car. It was just , nothing more. Okay, look, I get it. You’re like game Your girlfriend dumps you, And then you randomly hook up with me, And you’re, like, all confused and . And I understand. But I think it’s best if you just, like, Leave me out of the equation altogether, okay? Tortellini! What’s going on? Nothing, mom, we’re just game Ooh, who’s this strapping young man? He was actually just leaving. Hey, I’m Scott, friend of Tori’s. Got a grip. Friend, that’s interesting. Well, come on in, Scott. We’re just about to play dance central. Yeah, I do have some pretty sick moves. You know, in high school, They used to call me a depressed dog. Oh, no, why? Well, ’cause I ain’t got no bones! Oh, whoa! Ah! Did they also call you the scarecrow? ‘Cause you ain’t got no brain! Okay, I like Scott’s joke better. Come on, I’ll steal you. We’re dancing.