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Stick RPG The women have all committed suicide. Because they are afraid of what you have become. Yes. Do you think that if you save that boy, you get God’s forgiveness? No one knows God’s will, and if they say they do game ends in a bloodbath. I’ll drink to. What happened to you? White spirit, the bandits? I wanted to be a mercenary. But the black guard has taken everything. My wife is good with a knife, huh? Long ago, she had a beautiful voice. But the guards game have her tongue cut out. For my eyes. But I have her still. And that’s what counts. If Shing King, will burn this country. All countries burn, you know. Better if anyone else. I have to pee. You should rest. I’m younger and healthier as you. I have made a promise to my father. I swore him game to protect Qiang with my life. But you, why? I’ve ever searched for God in the wrong places. But you and your brother game I have regained my faith again. My dad would be allowed. I do not know, I think your father would chop off my head. And rightly so. Maybe the man I first met. But would he love you. Lian game He is there for hours. With the right people on his side he will keep the peace. You sound like a priest who blessed us before we went to war. The spirits you see them sometimes? Only if I am not on my guard. And what they ask of you? Mine do not talk. You do not. And if they do so. What would whisper death? What is due to be paid. It’s not up to us to decide when. For the damned, all of us. You are not hard enough for him. Glenn, with your help game No, I had said it before. I fight not to people’s problems. You could transfer him to Shing. I am a simple man. Easily persuaded by fun stories of princesses. You are many, but not simple. They have reached the shore. We have no choice. Do the preparations. Not more like four bombs per bag. I chose this place for a reason. We see them down and grab as many as we can. And pull us back to the cave. No, stay here. But they come to me. And if you die, you will never be the leader, which your father wanted you to exist. Caution.