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Sticky Adventures Noah, Come On Game Come On. All Right Game My Turn To Make A Toast. To Tim And Lorraine Game For Taking On A Great Policy. And For Deserving Exactly What You Were Covered For. Yes! It’s So Warm Game Oh! Oh! Come On! Hum! It’s So Warm Game So Warm! Hum! Ooh! You Seem To Be Getting The Wrong Idea. I’m Not Upset. Not At All. In Fact, I’m Thanking You. For What? For Bringing This Into The Open. You See, When I Was First Appointed To This Job, I Used To Think I Was Alone. Alone? In What? In Feeling, On Occasion Game Aroused By Some Of The Materials I Was Expected To Classify. It Used To Disturb Me. When Tyler Told Me About What He Saw You Doing, I Suddenly Felt Liberated. What You Acknowledged Was Healthy Game Of Course, It’s Exciting Material! If Our Job Is To Make Sure That No One Else Sees It, We Might As Well Preserve It For Our Own Pleasure. I’m Not Doing It For Myself. Even For Your Husband, For His Friends, For Your Friends Game That’s How I’d Like You To Consider Me Game As A Friend. It’s For My Sister. What Do You Mean? She Likes To Know What I Do. She Always Has. She’s My Sister. When I Was At School, She Always Wanted To Know What I Learned. I’d Tell Her. That Way, We’d Learn It Together. She Didn’t Go To School. She’s Older Than Me. She Had To Stay Home. That’s How Things Are Game Where I’m From. She Game Watches Your Tapes? You See, It’s Very Strange What We Do Here. Very Game Difficult To Explain. Since I Started Taping, She Can Actually See What We Cut, What We Don’t Allow Other People To Watch. So, When I Take These Tapes Home And She Watches The Decisions I Am Making, She’s Very Proud. We All Have Impulses, Just Admit That. To You? Yes. Why? Hi, Louise. Night Shift? You’re Working Late Tonight Too? Work Never Stops. You Know, Mister Render, I Hear Them Talking About You. Who? The People Here. They Think You’re An Angel. I Do The Best I Can. But You Really Spend Time With Them. You Don’t Have To Visit At All Hours Game These People Are In A State Of Shock. Their Whole Lives