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I don’t know. I never come to the studio. Mrs. Cole! The boss wants to try a take without Uncle Frank’s lines ’cause he says we are losing visual tension. Mr. Hilliard is talking about the integrity of the story, saying he will play the scene as you wrote it or not at all. Nobody’s had any sleep and you’re just– It’s all right. I’m coming. No. Let me deal with it. Once Hilliard gets his hands on you, he won’t let you go for hours, and I was rather hoping to do that myself. Careful of big boy, it’s got a bit of a wobble on it. Don’t– Don’t lean against it. Whoa! Nobody move! Buckley! Nobody move, stay exactly where you are until we have some lights in here. Stay where you are. Back. Back, please. Everybody get back. Please take the girls away from the stage. Mr. Brown, please take them away. Almost dawn. Johnnie has been doing his best to fix the engine, but he is getting weaker by the minute. And we all know when the sun comes up, the German planes will be back. Oh! No one wants to be here, but we have a hole in this picture. A stranded boat, a broken propeller, no one to fix it, and no Tom Buckley. Well, maybe we could reshoot. Who with? Ambrose Hilliard is still in plaster, Wyndham Best’s in the North Atlantic, and Carl Lundbeck is back with the RAF. Could one of the Frenchies do it? Come to our rescue, same way we came to theirs? It doesn’t seem right morale-wise. We could, uh, pan across the faces of the soldiers and never actually see who fixes Games The work’s good, Mrs. Cole. None of them could have done any better. You’re mustard these days. Rose could do it. Rose could free the propeller. Cerberus, sit. Rugelach Games and kogel mogel. Mmm-hmm. To build you up in time for the premiere. You’ll be interested to learn I received several unexpected propositions this week. How delightful for you. Of course, I do not speak of erotic advances. These were professional inquiries regarding your availability. You will be kind enough to read, give your opinion. The doctors tell me you are to be discharged in a few days. I cannot see you will be in a condition to look after yourself. I Games I therefore propose that we should ready a room in the apartment for your use. I believe a few weeks’ proper care will be of great benefit Games to your career. You’re still a very handsome man, Mr. Hilliard. Yes. But your good looks have fallen prey to a certain scrawniness. Oh, no, we can correct this, I believe, together. Thank you, Mr. Hilliard. This way, Mr. Hilliard. Young ladies, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. I’m not concerned about how many lines I have. I’d rather have four honest words than pages of bilge. Wyndham Best. Young lady. Remarkably good turnout. Mr. Frayle. Hello. Did you– Is this– Yes. Congratulations. Well done. Good evening. Miss Moore. Very ship shape. Why, thank you. Hello. Let me do this. Mrs. Cole? She’s coming? I tried. Oh, Miss Pugh, your uncle’s here to see you. Forgive the deceit. Your landlady didn’t look the sort to approve a gentleman caller. To be perfectly frank, she’s the first person I’ve met for weeks who didn’t recognize me. She doesn’t hold with the pictures. Ungodly. Ah! That’s Games That’s charming. It’s from Rose and Lily. The real Rose and Lily. They ran away to join the ATS. Rose thought if she could fix a propeller in a film, she could learn to mend an engine in real life. Ah. They’re both mechanics now. Um Games Baker’s planning a new film. Air-raid wardens. Wants me in it. He’s pretty much left the part up to me. So, I was thinking, newly retired cat burglar, not quite reformed. That’s why he’s so good at the rescues. He knows the way in and out of any property. Thing is, in the hands of the wrong writer Games So, I was wondering if you would consider putting your time and talent Games I don’t do that anymore. I’m sorry. I just can’t. You’ll get– You’ll get soap in your eyes. Here. Hmm. My agent’s. You and me, given opportunities only because young men are gone. Or dying. But to turn our back on those opportunities, even when one has suffered such great loss, wouldn’t that be giving death dominion over life? Have you seen it yet? Our film? You should. It’s very good. I’m awfully good. And so are you. Calling all small boats. All seaworthy vessels to report to your local harbor master immediately. Dunkirk. on, Lily! I think they’re gonna get ’em out. Then they’re going to need all the boats they can get, aren’t they? The Nancy. Here, boy. Here. Don’t be a fool, Johnnie. There’s a sniper up there. I don’t care if he’s got a bleedin’ cannon. I’m not gonna sit by and watch him shoot a dog. Aww! What in the– What is that? It’s France, Uncle Frank. Dunkirk. Blimey. There’s so many of us. They’ll never get us all out. Hitler? Hitler? Who the bleedin’ hell does he think he is? Who the bleeding heck do you think you are? Who do you think you are? Johnnie! That’s it. There you go. Thank you, Grandad. You deserve a medal, mate. Johnnie. Johnnie. Johnnie. Careful. The kid’s pretty messed up. He kept talking about some broad called Nancy. I guess that must be you. I’m Rose. This is the Nancy. Rose. The propeller’s snarled. If I– If I can just cut it free– Just pretend you’re Errol Flynn. He can do anything. I’ve cut it free. She’s moving. Come on, you beauty. She’ll do it. I haven’t had the chance to thank you, Mr. Brannigan, for bringing Johnnie back. There’s no mister, and back home, they call me Gene. Thank you, Gene. Thank you, Gene. Tell me one thing. In another time, another place, could it have been me? Perhaps, but you’re talking about a world without Johnnie. And that’s not a world I’d care to live in. Have you ever looked at something and known you want it, want it more than anything you’ve ever wanted in your life before, and known that it can never be yours? I have, and I tell you, it’ll either finish you or put a fire in your belly that’ll keep burning to the end of your days. I wasn’t there at the beginning of the story, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m not leaving before the end. Because I know now that it has to be the right sort of ending. The sort of ending that’s worth fighting for. Miss. Oh. Wanna stay and watch it again? You’ll find more in to make you laugh second time round. I’ve seen it five times. It’s our picture, isn’t it? They’re our girls. Thanks, but I’d better get back to work. What’s work? Air-raid wardens. They want an outline. We haven’t got a story yet. And they’re asking about characters, apart from Hilliard as a cat burglar. Three girls, three different walks of life. I need specifics. A nun, a showgirl, a lady wrestler. Seriously, you push us now, and that’s what you’ll get. Men? Well, who else are the girls gonna fall in love with? Each other? We’ve got titles. Raiders Overhead. Fires Overhead. Fire in the Sky. They are looking for the female angle again. A Tin Hat for Tallulah. Girls Like Them? Girls Like You. Girls Like Us? You need an ending. We’re working on it. Make it a happy one. It will be.