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Stolen Sword Adventure When I first met Anand my mind was not stable. I was very disappointed with my medical profession. After watching all kinds of diseases, poverty and disaster I had lost all hopes in life. I was helpless. I could combat diseases, but how could I deal with hunger and poverty. I tried to battle but didn’t have the right weapons. I noticed that lakhs of people lacked in vitamins. But when they were starving what was the use of vitamins. Medicines could cure diseases but not poverty. Yet after so many years of independence Game people don’t have the money to buy salt. How can I ask them to buy medicines. Doctor. It’s not in my hands. Doctor, please do something. What can I do. Am I God? Go and pray. Doctor, have some sweets Laxmi had a baby boy. My grandson. One just died and another is born ready for death. I admit that life is stronger than death. But isn’t this life worse than death. When I took my degree from college, I vowed to save lives. And now at every step I feel I’m trying to save death. Munna. Yes? Won’t you have your meals? You have it uncle. If I feel like it, I’ll eat later. What kind of a doctor are you? Your father was a doctor too. He used to work day and night, but he never ignored food. He also made money and bought this property. You’re not interested in money making. You’re only working hard. Your friend Prakash has built such a large hospital. Raghu uncle leave me alone. Will you do me a favor? What? Bring a daughterinlaw in this house Game then I shall go back to my village. I mean it. I have brought you up Game so I can’t watch your condition nor leave you alone. Hey, Raghu uncle. Come on serve me food. It’s better than marriage. Park the car ahead. Hello doctor. Please wait, I’m examining him. I’m in a hurry. You can come tomorrow. Fine, I shall wait then. Take this address and get an XRay done. Is it necessary for an XRay? I am giving two more music lessons Game So my throat must have ripped and it’s bleeding now. Anything can happen, but go and get an XRay done. What happened? No nothing, but the