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Stonepunk And besides I’m not representing that I’m made of cheese. I’m actually the real on this one. That’s not what I’m talking about. Okay well then what would she be after for besides this premium package? Immigration papers? You better take that back or the next time you be dancin’ it’ll be on your ass ’cause I’ll break both your legs off at the knees. Easy? You’re early. I’m in love. What’s it to you? Hey let’s go up top. We’ve got some work to do. What’s up man? – Hey. – Hey. I was wondering if you can help me out with something. Sure. I was just talking to Maya and she said “You made your bed so now you have to lie in it.” I asked her what she meant by that and she said “Why don’t you go ask Cherry? ” Now why would she say that? Maybe because she thinks there’s something between us. We’ve already been through this. You still can’t get her out of your head. And even if I could that doesn’t mean something’s gonna happen between us. I hope this doesn’t get in the way of our dancing together. I need to win this. Hey yo what up y’all? You know what’s going down. Welcome back to day two of the competition. It’s the finals! Uh uh uh uh uh What you want? What you want? Drop of a hat Drop of a rat Five six seven eight okay? Hey you okay? Uh yeah. Yeah I’m I’m good. Okay what’s wrong? The way I see it Carlos is the one who lost your money. So it’s on him to pay back the loan shark. I know Carlos made a big mistake but in Brazil you treat your crew like family. Then you just gotta go in there and win. I’m so nervous. It’s gonna be hard to pull it off. When I’m feeling tense I go for a nice long walk and focus on my breathing. Give it a try. Come on. – I’ll walk with you. – Don’t you have to get ready? I’m not leaving you like this. And when you’re out there doing your thing I’m gonna be right there watching you put it down. Thanks. a beautiful day Give it up for the first of our five finalists Revolution! I like the way you dance I love the way you dance I like the way you dance I love it when you dance Talkin’ ’bout the way you move Must be the music Makes me wanna get this good Dance Dance Dance I love the way you dance I love the way you dance I love the way you dance – Nervous? – No I’m good. You should be. It doesn’t get much bigger than this. Sure I guess I’m feeling it. Yuson looks pretty worked up. Like you said it’s a big deal. I think it’s more than the competition. – Really? – Yeah he keeps calling Maya. She won’t pick up. It’s getting to him. Yeah it’s a shame about them. See I can’t help but notice that every time Yuson grabs his cell you get this strange look on your face. Like you done something you shouldn’t have. Maybe I just feel sorry for him. Mm-mm. See the look I saw that’s more like the mouse who hid the last piece of cheese and she don’t want to share it. And now that mouse is feeling kind of guilty. Stonepunk you’re trippin’. I don’t get into your business. Don’t get into mine. Check this out Stonepunk. We get on that stage if Yuson’s mind isn’t in it newsflashwe all lose. So if you holding onto some precious piece of info that could dictate or influence the outcome of events now is your time to act.