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I love football. I just don’t like aggressive play. We’ll see to it that everything goes as it should. From now on, bumping, hard tackling, barging and bad language are banned. Those who break the rules, will get penalty points. Those with the fewest penalty points are on the team. Yes, Anja? Both boys and girls in the team? Of course. What would you rather do? Enter a room with a thousand spiders? Or lick a tramp’s bellybutton? Don’t you think Ina and Hans make a good couple? Listen What would you have done? Anja Listen Games We have to go to the hospital. Let’s see Games We’re going to the th floor. ONCOLOGY What does oncology mean? Dad? What are you looking for, Mum? My keys. You put them in your pocket. In my pocket? Did I? Why are you being so weird? Can’t you just tell me what this is about? Oh my God Anja, stop Hello. What’s oncology? I need to know for a school project. Oncology? That means cancer. It means cancer. That shouldn’t be so hard to say. Hello. Hello. Doctor Larsen. Anne Lise. Doctor Larsen. Morten. You must be Anja? You can call me Doctor Moustache. Have I got cancer? We don’t know yet, but we’ll find out. I don’t get it. Only old people get cancer. I’m afraid children can get cancer too. Am I going to die? Have you learnt about percentages? Hello. I’m just starting Junior High. Hello. Around percent of all children get well again. But that means that around percent die. Wow. My teacher wouldn’t allow that. You know what? I allow myself. This is a blood vessel. It’s a bit like a highway for your blood. This is the way healthy blood functions. These cars are your red blood cells. They transport oxygen around your body. These soldiers here represent your white blood cells. So if you get flu, for example, or measles, they come to your defence. You understand what I’m saying? Yes. Now and again, some people produce the wrong type of cells. And these cells Games Games find their way into the blood and get in the way of the good cells. Or, even worse, they chase away the good cells. They’re real bad guys.