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My name is Susan McPherson! You’re wrong. Your right name is Susan Ward. And so you know everything Game before we takeour leaveof oneanother. It was over years ago your mother, Evelyn Ward, gave birth to twins. Your father, Gordon Stuart, left your mother months beforeshe gave birth Game without having married her. Your twin sister and your mother Game died in childbirth. Then you wereadopted by Mary McPherson, thesister of your mother. She never told you that she’s not your real mother. Shealso never told Gordon Stuart whom she’d informed at the time, however, of thedeath of your twin sister. Not until years later did he learn Game of your existence and changed his will as a result. When we learned all this from your aunt, and not in the most voluntary manner. It made her disappearance imperative. In thecar disguised as an ambulance? Right. A genius idea. It wasn’t my idea. It was the idea of my assistant. I can well imagine. Parker! Leave that girl alone! Comeon! Comeon. Keep the boat anchored here. No lights. And wait for me Game until I give you a signal. Yes, Sir. Oh! Please! Let meout of here! Please! Let meout! Help me! Help me! How can that poor girl’s death help you? I can tell you exactly. Under the name Susan McPherson a girl from this home will collect the inheritance. And so that thereare no witnesses, the two of you will disappear Game in the Thames likeall theothers. You’ll never get away with it! We’ve taken all the precautions. The risks areall on your side. Even now, the gorilla will handle all the work for the two of us. Please, let meout! Help me! Let meout of here! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Henry! There! Now takea shot, Parker! You’re not human. You’rean animal. This gorilla is Jack Corner, the man you’ve been searchingfor. He was transformed by a prison sentence into what you’ll see now: A man with no will of his own. Jack, you know what you’re to do? Help me! Corner! Here he is! Guards! Those two, there! Arrest them! Miss McPherson, are you alright? Yes, thank you. Jim! What’s that? Perkins! Who would have thought it? Oneout of our own ranks Game the murderer. Oh, but Sir Game No? No. Why is it then I always get the wrongone? Errare humanum est. Pardon? It’s human to work. I see. Stand up, you gorilla! Hedoes not react. I havea better idea. Hey, Jimmy! Jimmy! Time to stop working! What’s goingon? Is it o’clock already? Susan! Hey, Arthur, have we got a dateor haven’t we? Wait until I’m ready, right? Mind your own business, right? Now I’m ready for you, my Mousy!